To create a strong, cohesive brand based on a set of core values and a brand personality that's reflective of the expertise behind the brand and the type of client they wanted to serve.


We started by creating a set of brand colours that is reflective of a set of tangible senses – touch and smell. They reflect the sense of relaxation that can be expected with working with this brand. Relaxing and hopeful for personal transformation.

A few of the challenges we faced with the previous brand identity:​

  • Generic stock image icon to represent the neurology science behind the service

  • Inconsistent branding without focus

  • Industry-standard colour palette that wasn't particularly unique and didn't represent the vibrancy and expertise behind the service

  • Generic system font without much independent association directly pointing to the brand


Together, we looked at :

  • Defining the brand personality – using a set of human personality traits we can set the perception we want our ideal client to have of us, represent that through the branding then it's up to the brand owner to live up to those expectations. This is important because this is how the most important brand asset is created! Trust!

  • Setting the colour palette and inspiration board to show the personality in image form – this starts to bring the brand together and starts making sense of how a set of values can be visually demonstrated

These exercises are created together so that the brand owner can fully understand their brand and can confidently represent their brand going forward. It's a collaborate working relationship that instills confidence and knowledge so the brand can be carried forward and used to successfully attract the right client base and business partners.


Asha Berzon

 BSc (Hons) Psychology – Hypnotherapy Practicing Diploma – Diploma
in Solution Focused Hypnotherapy - Registered Bodies NCH, AfSFH, CNCH