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Graphic design is a category that covers many aspects but really all it means is to strategically design your visual communication with a goal in mind, normally to attract an action, an audience or even just to show yourself as a legitimate business. Good graphic design should be easy and delightful to read and entice a response.

Branded Literature consists of some of the following (all items can be designed for print and a digital variation with accessible and interactive features within):

  • Invoice and receipt design / template

  • Business cards

  • Adverts 

  • Posters

  • Postcards

  • Brochures and catalogues

  • Annual reports

  • Magazines

  • Exhibition stands

  • Pull up banners

  • Signage

  • Menu design

  • Promotional merchandise

  • Products / stationery

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Your online presence is so much more influential than ever, the the modern-day business owners marketing platform and a way to engage with your ideal client. This is why it's essential for your brand to show up here also. Accessibility and interactive design is built into all digital products as a standard service.

Some digital items:

  • Social media posts / editable templates

  • Profile image set to platform dimensions

  • Timeline banner image set to platform dimensions 

  • Accessible and interactive downloadable documents

  • Editable order forms 

  • Website user-experience, review and design consultation a

  • Website design and implementation

  • Email campaign design / template

  • E-magazines and e-pub documents

  • Digital menu design

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White Horse Inn table talker image

The White Horse Inn, Suffolk table talker

Wedding Fair A5 Flyer

Heritage Wills wedding fair flyer

MindAbility book mockup image

MindAbility branded literature mockup

MindAbility logo image with a spiral of dots, one of them being the dot of the first letter 'i'

MindAbility logo

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