Women from History

Original illustrations drawn on the iPad Pro. Click on the individual images to read some facts about these inspirational women from history…

The stories of the strength of women throughout history inspires strength in me when my confidence is low. 

Did you know…

• Rosa Parks was a member of a movement for racial equality along with Martin Luther King Jr. Her protest on the bus was pre-planned but not for that time, she saw the opportunity and the timing was right to make a statement about human equality

• Keisha was threatened with losing her freedom to produce music if she didn't retract her statement of sexual abuse in a recent court case. She chose truth even though it might ruin her reputation and career

• Audrey Hepburn used to eat tulip bulbs to survive during the second world war instead of starving to death

• Malala Yousafzai is the young feminism activist who was shot in the face in retaliation for her activism, not only did she survive but the scar on her face is a lasting reminder that her attempted murder failed and she continues to encourage girls to seek out education

• Frida Kahlo lost the ability to have children through a freak bus accident and suffered pain throughout the rest of her life but she used this pain in expressive art and became a popular artist in a time when women weren't really at the forefront of the art world


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