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Keep checking back, working hard to get it looking it's best and to represent the work offered


Your brand consists of an identity (logo), colours and fonts that work to give your ideal target audiences a carefully constructed impression – the way you want to be thought of also needs to be represented in your service and product quality and also differentiate you from your competition.

Mindability – branding for hypnotherapy business to elevate the brand


Calm Cats – logo design, illustration and card pack layout design

Pack mockupWEB.jpg
Calm Cats LOGO square.jpg
Cards mockupWEB.jpg

The White Horse Inn, Suffolk – logo and brand update, flyers, cards, website …

WH table talker mockup2.jpg
Whitehorse Inn stationery.jpg

Bop Tots – logo design

bop tots logo WEB.jpg
OrangeNote WEB.jpg
YellowNote WEB.jpg
GreenNote WEB.jpg


You need an online presence to reach your ideal target audience and demonstrate your business as being legitimate. You can do this with a social media presence but if you want to level up, a website is key. We build Wix websites for you that are easy to edit once completed so you don't have to rely on ongoing website administration charges.

Screenshot 2022-08-23 at 20.11_edited.png
Screenshot 2022-08-23 at 20.13_edited.jpg
Screenshot 2022-08-23 at 20.15_edited.jpg

Anne and I worked together, as a tight team, coming up with a simple solution that showcased the new arm of her business, Shepherds Huts stays. We wanted it to feel comfortable but with as much personality to represent the feeling guests experience during their stay.


When you get a website designed on the Wix platform, you get an easy-to-edit website that doesn’t rely on a Developer level knowledge base. You’re not tied to relying on a designer to make any changes, you have full control over your site and Mystery Hare is here to help save you time, not because your site is too difficult to edit yourself. 


Esmael Barber – website


Esmael already had a Google Business Website but wanted to elevate his brand and online presence by having a website designed that also linked to his Google Business Page so he could retain a booking system that works for him. 

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