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I've had the privilege of working with small to medium sized businesses, here's a small selection of some of the work I've done.

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Hill & Co logo - long version

Hill & Co. are a consultancy business that work, specifically in the international jewellery industry.  With years of knowledge in the industry, the founder put a group of women together to serve her clients with the best knowledge possible and I was lucky enough to be part of this team for a couple of  years.  I worked internally and consulted directly with their clients also.


Hill & Co logo - long version

Primary logo

Hill & Co. already had a logo that clearly reflected their professionalism and had a client base that recognised the brand so all I did was to gently finesse the logo with country spacing and taking down the opacity of the bullet points between each country as separators.

Hill and Company logo - stacked version

Secondary, stacked logo

Hill and Company social media banner image

Social media timeline image

Hill and Company social media profile image

Social media profile image



Hill and Co brand colour pallete image consisting of 4 colours

Dark Grey


Pale Olive

The grid shows the assigned colour usage, white is not listed as a colour but this brand uses mainly white or the pale olive as their main background colour. The gold was changed to a more earthy tone and the olive colours were introduced to reflect the sustainability initiative of the brand.


There were many internal documents created, like:

  • Proposal documents

  • PPT slideshows for talks

  • Social media posts

  • Internal PPT documents for client reports

  • Internal PPT timeline pages for easy editing

  • Internal Word documents for client updates

  • Training material

  • Social media posts


Hill and Co business card front image

Business Card front

Hill and Co business card reverse image

Business Card reverse

Client Qualifying Document cover image

For some templated documents, measures were taken to reduce errors and I would provide training videos and training sessions to help the internal sales team use the documents easily while keeping to brand.

Client Qualifying Document testimonials page image
Client Qualifying Document back cover image

Selection of pages – client information welcome pack

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