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2] Top 10 Branding Benefits for Your Business

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

2 ] what colour selection will be used to emphasise your brand and help to attract your ideal client?

Colour psychology works in tandem with your selected font in order to give potential customers a first impression of your business and what'll it be like to work together. The two things should work in harmony to strengthen that impression.

We have been trained, as consumers, to recognise the clues as whether a brand is trustworthy, expensive, luxurious, friendly…

It also stems from historical content, for example:

Purple was, at one time, exclusively worn by royalty as it was very difficult and expensive to produce. It still carries an impression of luxury, expensive, exclusivity and can be considered elitist if not used carefully. This also applies to the bluer shade of the purple spectrum, move towards a purple that's nearer the pink shade and you'll give a completely different impression.

There are also a small selection of colours within your chosen industry and the decision to remain or break away from that colour palette will have an impact on your brand also.

Colour can also be very useful for pricing your products or services. Is your business cheap and cheerful, luxurious and expensive, affordable?

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