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How to create a mood board using free online resources

Creating a mood board is so useful for visualising a specific goal or breaking down, visually your business or home aspirations and it's really easy!

For this mood board I adapted one of the mood board templates. I searched for Art Deco Miami on Google search. I also remember a designer from Folkestone, Kitty McCall and took some images from her website as it enhanced the theme I was going for. I then took a selection of colours from the images to create a colour palette, imagining this was a mood board for an imagined brand. is a free resource for creating social media posts template and printable templates but also for mood boards. Very helpful for goal and brand planning. It can take a little getting used to as the programme isn't that intuitive, but stick with it, you'll soon figure it out.

I used one of their templates as a starting point, here's a few of their already available templates:

I selected the Gold Peach Brown Mood Board Photo Collage and started adding images, as you can see, there's even text for a title or inspirational quote.

I didn't use all the images for the mood board but here's the result of my online search:

As long as the images for the mood board aren't reproduced in order to earn money, as long as it's for your own use, you won't be in breach of copyright and you can take them straight off the internet. A few places online where you can source free images are:

There are no real rules to creating a moodpboard but here are some helpful tips to get you started:

  • have a goal in mind – creating a mood board for a specific project helps the focus and makes it easier to source inspirational images

  • don't build in barriers – search based on inspiration, not budget, you can always compromise and find cheaper versions of items you want later

  • historical, fashion, art and architecture movements are helping in pinning down a nostalgic look that has stood the test of time – Art Deco | Art Nouveau | Victorian | Georgian | Bauhaus | Pop Art | Minimalism Constructivism | Baroque | Cubism | Geometric Abstraction

  • you can also choose works of art or historical artists that you find inspiring – Frida Kahlo | Picasso | Vincent van Gogh | Andy Warhol | Jackson Pollock | Banksy

  • different cultures can have some really strong looks – Japan | Africa | Hawaii

  • if you're working on your brand then add some products from a brand you admire and perhaps aspire to be like, they don't even need to be in your industry

  • finding interior design images can be a great source of inspiration if your goal involves the look of your studio, shop or interior space that you're working towards. It's also an indicator for the type of luxury or market place where your brand could sit

There you have it, hopefully a helpful way to create a mood board, you can also collect images in Pinterest and create a folder of images, I think there may even be a way to create a mood board within Pinterest. Here's a link with instructions for you to try out

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