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Let’s create our dream client avatar together

Updated: Jan 27

Just like setting goals to move your business forward, by defining your ideal client, will help you to focus on attracting the type of person you want to work with. This will help you to also check that you’re ’talking’ directly to your ideal customer in a tone of voice that will create rapport.

Let’s go through a few points together on how to do this, I recommend starting with a few of the customers you already have and like working with. The idea is to try and attract more of these types of customers as well as working out who you would really like to work with that you’re not already.

Is there a set demographic you enjoy working with:

  • Female or Male?

  • Individuals or medium/large sized businesses?

  • A particular type of industry?

  • Is there a particular company that you would love to collaborate with?

What is the transformation that you will provide to their business/lives:

Will you…

  • save them time?

  • save them money?

  • increase their productivity?

  • bring them more revenue?

  • help them be more successful?

  • give them more confidence and self belief?

  • help them to attract more customers?

Where do they congregate? Where’s the best place to find them and promote your business, without being too salesy?

Are you better speaking to a more professional, traditional employed business audience? They’ll most likely frequent LinkedIn and their expectations of working with you and the results you’ll bring them will be at a higher level than other social media platforms. Perhaps, like me, you want to work with other mothers who are trying to build their own business so they have freedom and flexibility in their working experience. If that’s the case, perhaps you need to reach them on a more casual, less pressured environment like Facebook, where you can communicate with them like they’re members of your friend circle.

A few years ago, it would be about the type of magazine your ideal client would read and buy some advertising space, or pay for an Advertorial (an advert that’s laid out like an article) and hope the message would land with the intended audience but now we have targeted advertising with Google and Facebook analytics and have a greater chance of hitting the right mark. The challenge is to come across as authentic and reach your ideal client on a more intimate level to create a relationship that’s based on trust and loyalty and will create advocates who will refer you to everyone they know that will also benefit from your service/product. This is the sweet spot, this will future proof your business and ensure that you will grow without always having to hustle.


  • Are they within the local community?

  • Are they global or international?

Your tone of voice and platform need to consider geography and culture – celebrating their culture, even if it’s an English business communicating to an American audience, being sensitive to how your language is perceived is important, do your homework and get to know your customer as much as you possibly can.

If you need any advice about your brand and improvements you can start to make, contact me, Caroline on 07525246734 or or message me on Facebook here > I'm really excited to help you.

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