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Caroline believes that with small acts of kindness and inspiring others to do the same, we can change the world. She's constantly impressed and inspired by the women entrepreneurs she meets who are able to achieve so much and she is inspired to add value with her skills.

With over 20 years industry experience, she loves nothing more than to apply that variety of knowledge to helping Mystery Hare Ltd clients to grow their businesses. She truly believes that Branding works, Graphic Design works! 


With a recent ADHD assessment, Caroline is leaning even more than she ever did with Accessible Design and layout designed to easily read and absorb the information. This means your visual communication will have an even wider audience learning about your brand.

Photo of Tash Smithurst, Graphic Designer and Illustrator
Photo of Fern Fuller, Executive Support


Tash has an impeccable working history. Caroline and Tash used to work together at Archant, Norwich where they were taught the responsibility of creating work for their clients at a high level of quality and sharing their expertise, teach and share their knowledge for the benefit of their clients business.

If your project needs an expert layout or sophisticated solution, Tash will help you out. She supports the growing workload of Mystery Hare Ltd but also freelances independently. Tash's most valuable skill is a strong illustrative element that  enhances your work in a highly unique way.


Fern ensures that your work priorities and communication is regular and consistent. She lightens the load so the Mystery Hare Ltd designers can concentrate on creating your work at an excellent level for you. 

She's organised and inventive in ensuring that efficiency and processes are always being updated in order that the priority is always being met: creating high quality work by the deadline required (for Mystery Hare Ltd). Fern is deeply passionate about inclusion, accessibility and neurodiversity and ensuring those business owners can reach their personal growth goals. 

As well as helping Mystery Hare Ltd look after you, she helps you  streamline your business, elevating your service. Chat directly to Fern to get a quote on helping you with your business or check out her website:

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