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You've decided you need a Graphic Designer or a Brand Specialist to complete a project for you

This could take on many forms depending on your requirements. Perhaps you need a solution for a trade stall, we can chat about what that solution looks like - it could be flyers, postcards, a brochure? Or perhaps you need help with your branding, creating your very first logo or refreshing your current one? We chat over your requirements and I work out a price, once you approve, we begin.  



We establish what solution is needed that is the most cost effective but will achieve the best results possible. This is a partnership and any solution won't work in isolation, you'll get tips on what to do to enhance results. It could be how to grow your business from a branding and marketing perspective or how to double results by using a version of flyer artwork also on social media posts to create a consistent, cohesive campaign. Mystery Hare strives to delivery added value to every job.


If you have a specific deadline in mind, we can discuss this at the start of the job. If required, a project plan will be written up with clear instructions on various deadlines throughout the life of the job for Mystery Hare and client to adhere to. Depending on the urgency of the work needed, the various deadlines will be reverse-engineered from the final date and will consist of proofing, amends and final approval deadlines and also allowing Mystery Hare enough time to complete the job to a high quality. This will all be discussed once the job has been approved to go ahead.


This is my favourite part of the job, thank goodness for all those Murder She Wrote episodes - taught me everything I know about detective work and I use my detecting-ness to find out all the relevant information that's needed to create a fully formed solution for you. The results of this phase is why I require 50% non-refundable deposit up front, the information found during this phase is valuable and, worst case scenario, if we don't continue working together after this phase, you'll still have the results of the discovery phase to use on your business.


We chat through what's been discovered and, if it's for branding, it will also be provided in a document for you to refer to and apply in other areas of your business.


Whatever the requirements, the 1st draft will be created to be refined and finalised to a high standard ensuring a professional production. Whether it's digital or printed, the final file needs to be prepared in a way that's fit for the platform. I work closely with printers so that I understand the requirements they need so as not to slow the job down or create any possible issues during the production of any printed literature.


After the 1st draft has been created, you have a chance to check over it and move the job onto completion. We normally allow up to 3 proofs to get to the finished state which is ample for most jobs. 


This takes as long or as quick as the speed you reply to the 1st proof email. Amends and refining a job could be as quick as within an hour depending on the complexity of the job and amount of amends required.


Once we've gone through the amends stage and finalised the requirement then you'll receive a final proof where I'll need one final approval from you in order to either send the job onto the printers or prepare a file to be uploaded online. This is the final chance to make any changes, after this final sign-off, there's no opportunity to change anything as it will incur extra costs and/or delay the job. You won't feel pressured or stressed though as it's just another proof during the design process and I'll be driving the momentum for you and communicating the stages along the way.


The required deliverables are normally worked out after the initial meeting since they dictate the job estimate price, if they change throughout the job at any stage then the estimate normally adjusts to reflect the amount of work required. After final proof, the agreed deliverables will be released to you after final payment is received - this is so that service providers, like printers, can be paid as they normally require payment before production is started in order to manage their bookings. When you have received the deliverables, printed items or digital files, you'll then receive a copyright release document that gives you the license to use all approved artwork in any way you wish without having to pay me every time or ask for permission. I always recommend getting printed artwork also supplied to use as part of a marketing campaign to show a cohesive visual brand, for example, getting a flyer printed? Get the background image and the heading to be supplied as separate .png files so that you can create posts for social media. It helps to create brand recognition around a single event so that you'll get a bigger audience for your message, promotion or event and then getting the most value for your hard earned money.

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