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Branding is the culmination of a variety of elements. To create a successful brand your business needs to be clear on the market audience, level of quality it offers, definition of a set of core values and then the mark and colours chosen accentuates these criteria. We help you to clarify these and see if you're ready to embark on the adventure of creating a brand strategy for you.

Being Creative


  • Branding your business 

  • A branding refresh/evolution

  • Brand growth strategy

  • Defining your brand

  • Assigning brand colours and fonts to accurately represent your brand and attract your ideal client

  • Brand guidelines

We work at creating a complete well-rounded brand that permeates through every part of your business. You'll receive the knowledge on how to do this throughout the branding process


This forms part of your branding and incorporates the following:

  • Logo mark

  • Brand colour

  • Font selection

  • Brand personality definition

  • Examples of the logo in situ


This price is based on creating a brand new logo


AmeliaRoseMedia logoCHOSEN.png
Heritage Wills main LOGO web.png

Brand Consultant, Graphic Designer and Illustrator - these skills help me to create a unique piece of visual communication for your business.

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