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Heritage Wills have been in business for a few years but wanted to more accurately represent their core values and people-focussed services. We worked together to only refresh their branding rather than completely redesign it so that their current clients wouldn't be confused by a drastic change. 



As you can see, the original logo was made up of an old-fashioned stylised image of the tools of the trade – a quill pen to sign paperwork, this isn't accurate for today's service offering and the way technology has made some aspects of the business more streamlined and friendly.


This is an approachable brand that wasn't being clearly articulated in their branding. So we started with defining a brand personality and accentuating those through the use of colour and font selection.


Heritage Wills ICON web.jpg

Standard version (social media icon)


Standard version, also available in reverse for dark backgrounds and as a long version for flexibility of space available


Dark Navy

Dark Blue

Olive Green

Pale Olive Green


Will Writing

Icon representing Will Writing


Probate Icon

Corporate Benefits

Corporate Benefits Icon

Property Protection

Lasting Power of Attorney

PPT Icon
LPA Icon

Sophisticated colour palette that represents the integrity of the brand while still remaining approachable.

The addition of a secondary colour palette meant we could assign categories / departments to communication to help sign post specific items of interest to customers at a glance.

Tenants in Common


Funeral Plans

Client Care Package

Tenants in Common Icon
Trusts Icon
Funeral Plans Icon
Client Care Package Icon


Heritage Wills A5 Flyer for Baby Fair
Wedding Fair A5 Flyer
Heritage Wills Social Media Post image
Heritage Wills Will Writing A5 Booklet
Heritage Wills Corporate Benefits Package A5 Booklet
Heritage Wills Being an Executor A5 Booklet
Heritage Wills Family Asset Protection Trust A5 Booklet

We used a lock-up system inspired by the Art Deco / Bauhaus era for displaying the logo within literature and advertising. This created a space for the tagline to be displayed and to categorise the leaflet to a certain subject using the pre-defined colour categories displayed above.

Heritage Wills Corporate Benefits Package A5 Booklet
Heritage Wills Corporate Benefits Package A5 Booklet
Corporate Benefits Icon

Corporate Benefits

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