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Using Wix, because of its intuitive, easy-to-use platform, a beautiful website will be built for you to manage yourself. Meaning you won't have to pay a developer to update your site, you can do that yourself, whenever you want! You'll receive a tutorial to get you pointed in the right direction so you're not tackling it cold…



  • Websites designed and built for you using the Wix platform so that you can take ownership of your own website without relying on a developer

  • Ecommerce

  • Blog site

  • Full business site

  • Social media & email campaign templates 

  • Consultation to help you get to grips with the platform

  • Social media post templates

    • Instagram​

    • Facebook

    • LinkedIn

  • Profile photo retouching

  • Social media timeline banner (branded)

  • Accessible, interactive documents to enhance

  • Animated gifs

Prices start at £2,500 *

* based on a standard 5 page website

Prices start at £250 *

* prices available upon request based on requirements

Some of our happy website clients:

Click icon to go to the website

Logo re-created in a higher resolution format.

Colour palette brought into the website design, including using more of the magenta from the logo icon for brand consistency.

Consulted on continuing the brand through social media content and timeline images.

Brand font implemented throughout the site in a consistent style.

Click icon to go to the website

Logo updated to be more sophisticated and simplified.

The website needed to be more active and to link with a few external booking and scheduling systems so everything could be managed from one place, as much as possible.

Website design branded up with colour palette and fonts for a consistent and professional look-and-feel.

If you want to discuss your own website needs, contact us and let's have a chat about the best way to set you up. 

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