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Image: decorative London Gold Xchange logo infront of a sunset image, darkened to allow the logo to stand out


London Gold Xchange is passionate about the Gold Industry and creating an opportunity for wealth investors to diversify their portfolio through investing in Gold. They do it with the perfect blend of modern advancements with a heritage of stability, affluence and value, along with an enviable position of dealing direct with Gold mines so they're immediately influential in ethical mining and competitive pricing for their investors


Image: decorative London Gold Xchange logo

Primary logo

Image: London Gold Xchange lion icon


Image: The text stands alone from the logo, 'London Gold Xchange'

Secondary logo - simple


The colour palette was to encompass the quintessentially British and the values that come from being successful while expressing 'heritage' that comes with Britain being a country with so much history. We wanted to encourage younger investors, reassuring them that the expertise are reliable.

Cool Gold

Countryside Green

London Gold Xchange ColourPalette

Light Gold Tint
for backgrounds

Dark Brown


Image: London Gold Xchange Guidelines cover
London Gold Xchange Guidelines Core Values showing British textures and pastimes
London Gold Xchange Guidelines colour palette

Sample pages of the Brand Guidelines created for Loupe.

Image: Mockup image of the London Gold Xchange logo on a white gift bag
Image: Mockup image of a white coin collector box with the London Gold Xchange logo

Mockups showing the logo in situ

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