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Come along with me as I review my brand

Your brand is an extension of you, you are the voice and face behind the business so it makes sense to understand yourself and inject your own personality into your brand to build rapport with your potential clients on an emotional level.

The first thing I set about doing is to review my brand so far, see the changes along the way and take stock of how I've grown as a business owner and also how the business has also changed and grown alongside me.

The evolution of my brand has gone from an illustrative style with a colour that I liked rather than what appealed to my potential client. It was very much a creative expression rather than representing a set of values. It's an easy mistake to make and one I see over and over.

The activities I will be reviewing next will be:

  • Conducting a Brand Personality Definition Exercise

  • Reviewing my Brand Colour Palette and the impression it leaves with my ideal client

  • Like with the colours, I'll be reviewing my chosen Brand Fonts and if they give the perception of quality and expertise

  • I'll also be looking at my Brand Identity as a whole, including my logo and deciding if it's in need of an upgrade – evolving it to appeal to my ideal client.

  • My ideal client has changed over the years but my brand has stayed the same, I want to strategise a comprehensive marketing plan which includes my branding, in order to appeal to them and encourage them to hire me for the type of work I want to create. This starts with look-and-feel

  • Along with the 'look-and-feel' of my brand I'll need to review and define my voice – my tone-of-voice, to be exact. It needs to represent who I am so that when my ideal client goes from reading my marketing material they'll then have their expectations met when they contact me directly

I hope you'll follow along with my social media series. Follow and like my posts on Facebook and LinkedIn. You can also catch up with any content you've missed by clicking on the link here.

Click to view the first post in the series: Part 1 – Reviewing my brand in Facebook and LinkedIn.

If you have any questions about your brand or want some honest feedback on how I think your current brand is being perceived externally, drop me a line and let's set up a non-obligation 20-min zoom meeting.

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