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Define your personality

Your brand is an extension of you, you are the voice and face behind the business so it makes sense to understand yourself and inject your own personality into your brand to build rapport with your potential clients on an emotional level. So you need to record the values you hold most dear and your prominent personality traits. I've found a great resource that I've used in the past that can help you…

The resource I've used is the Live Your Values Deck created by Lisa Congdon & Andreea Niculescu. You can get your own from her store here. Be sure to check for a cheaper version.

  1. Start by going through all the cards and choose all that resonate with your personal values.

image description: values cards selected and spread on desk
Live your values deck cards

2. Then reduce your selction down further by dividing into 2 piles

  1. the ones that matter most to you; and

  2. those that matter some to you.

Try to reduce the selection down to no more than 10 cards.

3. Now you have the final selection.

Jot these words down somewhere so you can use these words to measure the rest of your Brand Strategy against these human traits. The purpose is to build rapport and trust with your ideal client by anchoring your brand on a human, emotional level.

These traits are your strongest and form part of your Brand Personality and Business Core Values. They will play a part when deciding your Brand Colours and Font Selection in your logo and website. Defining a Brand Personality will help you to hire people that hold the same values, help your marketing strategy and business collaborations by having a strong idea on who you are and what you stand for, as a person behind the business. Your business will naturally take on these traits because you are the person behind the brand, doing the work and communicating directly to your ideal client.

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